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Introduction to Guangxi University History

Guangxi University was established in 1928 in the Butterfly Hills of Wuzhou City. Its first president was Dr. Ma Junwu, a celebrated scientist and educator. In 1936, when moving to Guilin, the University had 3 colleges -- Science, Engineering and Agricultural, 9 departments and an economic plants research section. In 1939, the provincial Guangxi University became a national university. In 1947, a separate Arts College was formed. From 1950 to 1951, National Nanning Normal College and Guangxi Provincial XiJiang Arts and Science College were incorporated into Guangxi University. Hence Guangxi University had 5 colleges -- Arts College, Law & Trade College, Science College, Engineering College and Agricultural College, with 22 departments. In 1952, Chairman Mao Zedong inscribed for the University.


However, Guangxi University was closed in 1953 when the restructuring of universities and colleges took place in the country. Its staff, students, library materials, facilities were handed over to other major universities in Middle, South and Middle South part of China. In


1958, Guangxi University was re-established in Nanning, capital of the autonomous region, with the approval of the State Council. Wei Guoqing, it's president, was Chairman of Guangxi People's Government as well. In 1978, the university began to enroll postgraduates. In 1985 Guangxi Engineering Institute was incorporated in Guangxi University as an Engineering College. After decades of construction, Guangxi University is developing into a modern university.


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